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Recently, we met some new customers that worrying about import the blowing machine and mould from china because of bad experience during importing before, they have some problem like:
1: the factory promised high output but finally they found the machine is only half speed of promised by factory, even it happened in large factory. this is very terrible experience because the whole plan will be disturbed, the order of factory will be problem, the worst is maybe losing some good business.
2: Too much difference on the price, some customer is new enter this area, and they have no idea of the machinery cost, when they asked for some quotation from different companies, the price for the same output will be large differece, even can reach double price compare the higher with the lower, customer is very difficult to choose from, because if buy high cost mean maybe find that paying too much than normal, if buying from the lower then will worry the quality is also not good.
3.Delivery time was always delayed, usually the customer place the order and waiting for manufacturer to finish timely, however this is always happened that the delivery is always not manufacturer promised, no matter small company or even large one.they will give many excuse to delay after the payment was in their hand. that is the big problem.
4.After-sales service finished after shipping, when the customer bought the machine, then they wait at home for installation, but if they found some problem then they asked for help from the manufacturer,however, the manufacturer of this machine is not doing good as they said before, everything was changed and becoming problem for customers.

Master packing machinery and mould pay high attention to all above problem, and do always the best to avoid such problem, we are confident to say that our machinery is always popular around the world customers, they have proved that our output is high and less wastage than they bought before, the longest using of machine so far is 9 years, it is fully automatic PET blowing machine. also we supplied 10 sets of 4 cavity PET blowing machine for one soft drinking factory, it is running quite well, and planning to import the 6 and 8 cavity in this year.

2. Master always choosing the good material and technology for our machine and mould,in order to saving money for customer, we invest a lot of improving technology, we are proud saying that master machines are not the cheaping but the most stable and best on this level technology.

3.the delivery will be strict and be same as agreed,we know that customer time is wealth, everything should be prepared before starting the production, so we have many experienced engineers and workersa and also lot of part stock and assembling time is also very fast, this will help to short the delivery

We welcome customer to send the inquiry and discuss the cooperation together.

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