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Juice filling machine

Master Packing Co.,Ltd. Juice filling machine

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In 2005, Master start producing water filling machine. Now Master produces Mineral/spring water, purified water, fruit juice, beverage, carbonated soft drinking, oil, and daily chemical filling machine, and we also supply with water treatment, beverage processing, and auxiliary machine, Filling speed is from 2,000BPH---48,000BPH, and also do A--Z and turnkey project.


Main Technical Parameters


Washing Heads1416243240507272
Filling Heads1216243240506072
Capping Heads558810121518


RXGF series Hot Temperature three-in-one filling machine, intergrates with rising,filling and capping.

It is suitable for various fruit juice,Tea hot filling production.the output is 5000-36000BPH for users to choose from.


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